Research: The University Image of International Studies

If there was one thing our team wants, it’s not to be a traditional generic ‘University’ promotion of studying abroad. Type ‘studying abroad’ into Google equals a miniature scroll bar filled with images of a globe or students lying on the grass with a laptop. Laughing.

I find it interesting how a lot of our early, spare of the moment ideas are actually already used. The advantage to researching current designs means our team can avoid the exact same path and give a unique look to the animation website.

A major element of existing designs that does have an impact is the use of multicolour to emphasise different countries and the notion of diversity, which I’ve found to be consistent throughout all the images and designs I’ve looked at.

As a first year who will later be at a stage of deciding between work experience or studying internationally, I find most of the visuals used to represent work experience to be rather underwhelming. The frequent use of mashing together popular landmarks and seeing students pose with a fake (somethings real) smile doesn’t do the experience justice. While looking at existing designs, I was discussing them with Nathan to see if I wasn’t only one who felt this way. It simply appears that an exciting design to represent studying abroad just isn’t all there.

However, one image that was incredibly striking was a graphic found on the Royal Buckingham Institution’s website –

© Royal Buckingham Institution TM 2011 – 12

This was a fascinating image that conveys a lot of ideas – open your eyes to the world; welcome to a new world; adventure; distinction. It’s abstract but has a powerful impact emotionally. This is the impact the team wanted to look at. Something that doesn’t spoon feed the obvious and gives meaning to it’s visual.


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