Concept: Animating International Studies

Micheal and Jess were eager in making an animated .gif for the studying abroad design, which got me thinking of how we could make the animation short, sweet and manageable. We’re all quite convinced on the notion of a student leaving their simple life behind and venturing into something beyond their possibilities.

I noted down that the animation should be set up as a reveal in one take. This would involve tracking as a close up alongside the character then suddenly zooming out to reveal an exciting adventurous path ahead of him. While we’re still in the early stages of development, Micheal is taking the reigns on animating the graphics in Flash which the rest of the team will design.

concept develop1

© Ryan Hollinger

Surprisingly, I was trying to think of quirky animation style to go with it before that I saw in an advert when Micheal suggested the  BUPA adverts which was exactly what I was thinking. The simple bouncing was enough to work with to add a subtly to the style. Granted, I don’t think we’ll use  designs as simple as shapes, just so there’e a little more complexity.

Great minds think alike I suppose?


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