Complete: Module Images

So, first assignment done… well, kind of. We presented our work to the class which you can view here:

We’re all rather relieved the presentation went so well but our major problem came from the fact that one of our designs wanted a ‘poster’ by definition. Instead, it’s basically a landscape postcard, which is ironic considering that that was our style. In order to solve this, we’re going to redo much of the poster in a much more similar form taken when producing the work experience poster.

Looking back on the project, personally, I’m quite proud of myself for actually being able to contribute effectively in the actual design because I was concerned at the start that I would only be useful in the research and concept stage. It looks like I proved myself wrong.


© Team 3 Animation UU

The team will admit there is definitely a lot of adjustments and editing to be done so I don’t think it was a complete shock when we had to redo much of the design.

Micheal’s poster is exceptionally impressive and do a lot of the team’s ideas into account. While I didn’t do any designs first hand, I did contribute to the research and style the design has.

© Team 3 Animation UU

© Team 3 Animation UU

This was a rather stressful two weeks, but I don’t like to think of it as a negative two weeks. In fact, I’ve actually been able to reduce a lot of my personal stress through the morale in the group and from the others around me. I started this project hopelessly panicking that I would be a poor asset in the group and maybe be seen as a problem. But, I really embraced this project and I actually see the future of my studies much more optimistically. As long as I feel more, and think less… something which Charlie Chaplin would be proud of.



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