Research: Biosphere

We’ve been discussing a lot about how the population survive in the entity, especially how vegetation and nature continue to flourish. Mark brought the biosphere in China called Ark Hotel to our attention which can house guests using natural resources such as the wind and sun to heat and power it.

The architecture brings up some interesting features such as how energy is distrubted around the the building to keep the population happy and to avoid creating moist and stuffy atmosphere that you’d find in a green house. This science will indeed at believability to the world considering we want to design the creature as a source of harvesting energy and distributing it unevenly around the ship ie. the poor get a limited supply of heat and proper water while rich classes get more. In this case, it appears that have the mechanics to do such work would probably be best being next to the metropolis. This way, the rich inhabitants have complete reign over the resources. The Ark has it’s mechanics at the bottom of the biosphere which is gathered from the top. This why as the energy is transferred for storage, it’s also spread evenly to the population.

Like the way in which the entities ‘heart’ is the core, the Ark has a similar core hosted at the bottom centre of the biosphere to create even distribution of energy. However, as stated, it might be better for our world’s power to be off-centre to visually highlight the imbalance.

My science is certainly not up to scratch, but this primary information is contribute to the design for the blueprint of the entity/world.

Link to Daily Mail article on Biosphere:


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