More Tonal Work

I did a few quick extra tonal pieces in class, but not as detailed as my previous work but I think I’ll continue to work on composition over the next few weeks.


This piece was me experimenting with another brush to create the visual effect of disorientation. The use of a dutch angle that was slightly twisting off at the end reinforces the sense of claustrophobia and fear as the character runs into darkness as they’re ironically chased away by light. The image of the shadow outrunning the humanoid represents that they are losing speed and the unknown presence is catching up.



This is just a quick extension of my perspective work by putting the creature in focus at a distance. By closing the frame around the two creates a sense of entrapment.


Staying on the theme of isolation, I wanted to look inside the hatch and exaggerating the light source to direct attention to the humanoid in the foreground that is purposely obscured to create the suspense they might not be the same anymore… or vice versa…


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