Colour Theory And Psychology Continued

I’ve been gradually going over books on colour theory to keep it in might and also to enlighten myself – it’s interesting.

G.A. Agoston wrote a book on optical science and the use of “Color Theory and Its Application in Art and Design” which describes how our perception on colour changes depending on the situation, reinforcing what I researched earlier on the subjectivity and symbolism of colours. When walking down the street most evenings, I always find myself being attracted to solid colours that stand out along the various shops which is clearly an advertising ploy to bring a costumer in, in the same way clothing stores use the psychological trick of messing clothes around the floor to attract customers to supposed ‘special offers’. Agoston refers to it as a isolated stimulus – the notion that a single isolated colour (a light) attracts our eyes due to the absence of similar colours. Yet, this is largely only apprached when the intensity of the source exceeds everything else.

Angela Wright wrote “The Beginner’s Guide to Colour Psychology” and described various definitions I need to become more familiarised with. Despite either knowing how to use them in design, I’ve only even been vaguely able to describe what Wright calls the “hues of the spectrum”. Hue relates to the colour type, tint is hue with white, shade: hue w/black, and tone: hue w/grey… That puts a lot of what I’ve done over the past few weeks into terminology. Agoston elaborates on these elements by showing that colours with hue are “chromatic” while those that are not are “achromatic” (black, white and grey).

This is a good way to help separate how achromatic colours can be used as in lighting and creating shadows with chromatic colours. I need to research further into lighting and colour.

Referenced Books:

Agoston, G.A., Colour Theory and Its Application in Art and Design (1987)

Wright, Angela, The Beginner’s Guide to Colour Psychology (1998)


One response to “Colour Theory And Psychology Continued

  1. Dear Ryan, our attention was caught by your interesting studies on colour theory, as our company, together with designer Raffaello Galiotto, has been investigating about it recently in a special design research about the colours of stone and marble combined with… movement and stroboscopic light. Precisely a research on colours perception, conducted using only the natural colours of marbles. The result was the project called OPUS MOTUS, you may read more about it on our blog if you wish, we hope you find it of your interest. Any comment of yours on the project will be more than welcome, thanks 4 your attention! Lithos Design editorial staff

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