American Psycho – Expression Continued

American Psycho is a film that came to define the surreal nature of our film due to it’s theme of narcissism. The film uses deliberate conventions of various genres to explore the vanity and greed of New York yuppies in the 1980s. Considering the connection ego can be made with narcissism. American Psycho uses the unreliable narrator trope to suggest that the events of the film are in the head of the character, who makes everything he does out to be perfect from his morning routine to even his murders.

His movements and actions are within his jurisdiction – it’s like he has power that doesn’t exist in reality. Our character could take the same approach and perceive people to be supportive to him when in reality they’re actually in a whole other mindset. Bateman’s movements in American Psycho are animated and fall into melodrama as his infliction as he speaks in sophisticated and clear as if he’s a narrator of a popular 1960’s television show.

In one particular shot, Bateman is framed in a mirror – a cliched symbol of revealing one’s true self – but the way the lighting covers his eyes masks his identity and ultimately the truth of the reality. We’ve discussed various variables of how to create visuals that make the character hint towards honesty.


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