The Lonely Island – Expression And Acting

We’ve been looking at various videos at influence our style and story. Jess highlighted The Lonely Island music video ‘Great Day’ takes a similar ‘anti-class’ dada approach to the everyday life. The irony comes from the fact the character has lost everything – his job, family, and mental health – but he’s happy about it!

I began to analyse various elements of film language to get a grasp of what makes the humour and story work. The mise-en-scene (everything in the shot) is deliberately exaggerated in terms of dilapidation and mess to infer to the character’s life in a wreck. The use of an orange glow on the character perpetuates the sense of disbelief that the audience accept due to the stylisation of the film. We accept discontinuity due to the tone of the film – see the Monty Python films as an example of using discontinuity to break the forth wall for comedic effect.

The visual look of the character is a fantastic example of expression as the use of make up combined with the facial expressions of the character make the close ups all the more dramatic.


I’ll be looking into various colours of make up to do the exhausted eyes; the mixture of solid red and black should do the trick if blended well around the eyes. Despite our focus on making the world feel gritty and realistic, if the actors emphasis their expressions, the acting can be used as part of the job. If the character is happy, a massive grin works to accentuate that happiness while a character without slide has massive bulging eyes. If the movements feel inappropriate to the realism of the setting, it gives more effect.


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