Sci-Fi, Tech Noir And In Medias Res

Our team have been looking closely this week at our animatic by trying to find the right scene to depict the metal world the previous teams have developed. Due to the time constraints and the complexity of how the world was established, we put the film into the context of a wide piece and decided on using the literary storytelling device of ‘in medias res’, which refers to a story that begins ‘in the midst of things’ ie. the midpoint of the narrative. This way, we could throw the audience straight into the world and generate an exciting sequence to heighten emotion straight off the bat.

The science fiction genre is iconic for using the mise-en-scene to develop the character and story through environmental storytelling. In the context of a metal world, we were able to set up events within the scene in order to establish plot-points which would be given exposition later in the piece. The focus on creating both an exciting and engaging chase scene while also building mystery thus effectively heightens the rest of the experience as ambiguities allow the audience to question and remain in the dark until the story develops, creating a more emotional and focused experience.

Interestingly, in medias res is commonly used in film noir to establish the narrative’s mystery as well as introduce the audience to the dark tone to generate an understanding of what to expect. Our team have been decision the idea of paying homage to noir and the retro 80’s aesthetic to give a bit more personality and colour to the world. It also gives us the opportunity to have fun with the idea of a completely metallic world.


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