Animation And Figure Drawing Practice

This week has been quite uninspiring. I had a lapse in my judgment to continue doing the course because I lost all motivation to do anything after feeling so overwhelmed. I did however decide to go back to the basics of animation and familiarise myself with concepts and techniques from The Animator’s Survival Guide. I also thought I’d continue to develop my figure drawing techniques because of the stress of life drawing (even if the class is predominantly interested in character design).

The book also gives a bit more insight into the history of American animation which was indeed interesting and encouraged me to research the industry during the early 1900’s such as the rise of Technicolor and ‘rubber hose’ animation.

The following images drawn are referenced by The Animator’s Survival Guide in order to jot down notes about extremes, in-betweens and breakdowns.

animation practice 1 animation practice

The last two images are referenced from a tutorial which took a rather mathematical approach to proportions and anatomy, but not only was it worth revising what I previously learnt prior to starting the course, but learning to draw figures in perspective will surely benefit me at a later stage.

figure drawingFigure perspective


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