Context Animation

Last week we were given the task of making an animatic/animation based around a 30 second script with no action details or context, only dialogue. We swapped the scripts around the class without knowing the film we were given, though I quickly found out we got A Clockwork Orange. Seeing that a few of us had seen the film, we completely avoided any ideas or contact with the actual scene in order to create an original piece.

Instead of this scene: 

We made this scene: 

Here is some initial concept art for the character:

detail head design_edited-1 tonal face 30min_edited-1


Photo on 03-01-2014 at 14.17



Dialogue sound recording:

Due to the reverberation, we had to adjust our private room in the library in order to absorb sound so the mic could collect the dialogue accurately. We used plastic boards to the best possible effect. While it created a bit of echo, it added to the effect considering the character was in an empty ‘echo chamber’ of a prison cell to some degree.



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