This Week With Fargo

Today was a slow day with our development in Fargo in favour of focusing on Maya, considering we were new to the animation process of it. Our team gave a presentation of our research thus far. We included our reading of Vogler’s book, the film, researching crime and geographical profiling, an academic article of the significance of Fargo and how verbal storytelling has taken it’s toll of visual narratives.

This week our team are creating (or recreating) the events of the character’s when they are offscreen based on what we know about their psychology, their context within the story including the dialogue information. This way, we can play with the characters and have fun with their private lives while also keeping within the psychological realism and style set by the Coen brothers.

Once the characters have been established in the timeline, we will be taking our major characters and going a criminal/general profile of them based on our research and how the character is based on the archetypes stated.


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