This week, I’ve sent the time following a tutorial to animate Jonas, a table lamp which is rigged to have squash and stretch. After completing a series of jumps, I was tasked with creating my own original set up with an emphasis on time.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 15.43.35 Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 15.43.46

After creating various geometry and parenting the hinges to each individual part, I had created my first ever attempt to rig an object with movable a rig.

The animation below was my first try and getting a character to move in 3D space. I wanted to show Jonas curiosity and cautiously looking around then jumping up to knock the glass off the table only to fail before succeeding the second time. I encountered numerous problems trying to make what I thought was a simple animation, which turned out to be more complex than originally intended. I was able to get Jonas to squash and stretched but there is an oddity to how Jonas reforms back to its original position. I hoped to add cartoon effect to the object by creating a delay when it’s in the air, however, the intention is misleading and makes Jonas look like a feather floating to the ground. In order to solve this issue in the future, adding fewer frames to the fall establishes the weight and I will need to work on my understanding of each control of the rig in order to fully understand the movement to manipulate.


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