Rigging Research

I began reading David Rodriguez’s ‘Animation Methods’ (2013), in order to study rigging in greater detail. I was looking to ease tensions upon myself by getting a simplified explanation for rigging as well as detailed, yet helpful, tutorials so that we could go into the rigging with ease, or more. He summarised his first experience of rigging as ‘overwhelming’ (p. 4, 2013) and that the best way to approach any complex design is to focus on one part at a time and understand how the constrains and parenting influence other geometry.

Adam Watkins’ book on Maya talks highly on the importance of understanding your own workflow in order to find your niche when working. He believes that there is no ‘linear progression’ in animation and that everyone has their own method of approaching a problem, hence finding your flow enhances the necessity of ‘fluidity’ (2012, pg. 3).


RODRIGUEZ D. (2013) Animation Methods – Rigging Made Easy. Massachusetts: CreateSpace

WATKINS, A. (2012) Getting Started in 3D with Maya. Massachusetts: Focal Press


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