Following our troubled story development, we revisited the animatic and completely revitalised the story to be more effective for us to work on. The animatics were created by each member working on an individual frame with each layer being saved with a transparency then sent to me where I would edit and animate it. This way, we keep the pipeline going by constantly passing back and forth assets with ease rather than waiting for everyone to finish. This way, if there was an issue, someone could go back and fix it without halting development.

The first animatic below contained issues with the cinematography, timing and there was an ambiguity to how it ended.

The final animatic was more consistent to our idea, while making changes that would cut down the pacing issue so that there were less shots that make the premise more understandable. I also began working on the sound design by using Garageband to create foley effects such as the ball falling as well as getting a wind ambiance. The idea with our sound design is to have almost complete diegetic sound – natural. The deliberate intention is to maintain the dry and subtle tone of the story, with a very vague soundtrack in the background that almost blends with the natural ambitious of the rather dull desert.


UPDATE 11/05/2014

Blaine redid the animatic for the new narrative direction.


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