Model Planning

With everyone splitting into teams or as individuals to work on their own area of interest, we have devised a team of Scott, Dan, Jess and myself not only the basis of having a unified and positive relationship, but also as we were able to play on each other strengths and learn more efficiently such as Scott’s knowledge of modeling and rigging, Dan’s process in ideation and Jess’ conceptualisation. We began by condensing our interest in 1930s architecture for a bomb scene set up by another team. We considered what should be modeled and how to lay it out in order to avoid confusion later in the process. This was very much a planning stage that highlighted our need for communication and project management. We developed a check list of items that needed modeled and delegated to our strengths and interests in order to collaborate and develop an interesting scene that could be continued into texturing and lighting.

We considered the layout of the street using storyboards from the narrative plan to stay consistent in the original concept. We then considered the aethetic of the location – what time of the year was it? Winter? Summer? In fact, what stage of the war was this? What Country? What is the economic status of the location? Middle class? Working class poverty?

We really considered every aspect of environmental logic. We needed to remain consistent to the country and year we chose as to not to disturb the temporal logic of the world eg. if we modeled architecture that was from America and used British roadway layout, we’d be in a lot of trouble. As a result, we’ve decided to go of and research architecture and environmental planning to get a grasp of what real world elements we should be considering. My dad is an architect and environmental planner, so his expertise as a successful businessman in this field will prove very beneficial to developing our models.

IMG_3027 IMG_3025 IMG_3026


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