Zombie Fall Playblast

As of today, this is where I stop animating this aspect of the project until later clean ups. We’ve talked about time management and I have to be disciplined with my constant readjustments of the shot. I’ve cleaned up annoying frustrations and focused on timing the fall more effectively but going through the graph editor. I selected all key frames and diligently dragged my frames until I found a timing that suited the fall. I constantly adjusted what I needed for example, my initial annoyance was getting the impact of the ground to be fast but also visually noticeable to the audience. I found that while I was accurate to my reference video, the fall seemed out of place, and as Jess pointed out – I focused too much on being realistic rather than exaggerating the fall. Despite the importance of exaggeration I’ve been reading about, I realise now that I need to more confident with more dramatic movement, hence I was able to get subtle adjustments and will keep increasing the movement when it comes to clean ups.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.35.17

The playblast below was me considering what the character looked at from different angles. Instead of having a solid frame which was the case in my previous animation project, I considered the movement in 360 degree perspective. I was able to use the different angles from our reference video to set up cameras that would be appropriate to capturing the key poses. If this was a professional project, it also allowed me to consider if a camera adjustment was needed and what problems come with that. In my previous project, we need to adjust the camera to the side of the character and the major problem that rose was having to redo the animation because of the noticeable clipping and pose issues from the new perspective.

The playblast has highlighted a few clipping issues with the character going through the chair, so I can now fix these issues without ever having to make significant translation adjustments.


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