Theatre Texturing and Lighting Complete

theatre shot

Finally……. To basically explain it’s development in simple terms, I personally fill this is a consolidation of my efforts throughout my modelling, UV, design (drawing!), and lighting. If you look at the final files, which are located in on the memory pen presented for for hand it, it holds every texture, every unwrap and every property I had to go through to create this. I went from the fear of not being able to demonstrate my technical learning effectively but I’ve overcome a tremendous obstacle with this render. I cleaned to topology issues because the wrapping proved a pain then I followed this with additional modelling in order to achieve the effect I wanted. After unwrapping ever component individually, I added additional texturing using a simple plane with a transparent texture so I could simply translate it to the wall or surface I felt it fitted in stead of completely retexturing the UV.

My biggest issue was actually rendering the shot. Then over over 4gb of data including on this theatre and as I increased shadow quality and lighting, rendering kept crashing. But eventually with enough tweeks of the rendering quality settings, I got a full body render.


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