Semester Two Learning Objectives

Following a doubtful first semester, it’s led to significant clarification of my role within animation production. These semester I was given the suggestion of toning back in order to handle stress and workflow. As a result of surmounting pressures, the idea of stepping back and learning to manage and control my stresses would allow me to be more proactive at work while finding a healthy balance with my personal life – something which I cannot neglect for my own physical capacity.

To make the most efficient use of my time, I’m going to set up my own learning objectives. This seems like a rather overly aggressive form of critical evaluation, but at the same time it gives me a chance to focus my intentions and discover new areas and interests.

The advantage of the client scenario is having previous experience working professionally in events management, media and graphic design, so being able to effectively advise the team on how to approach client situations could prove effective, but in the process, much acknowledge my own learning curve and have humility that I’m not an expert, but merely ‘just from experience’.

It’s dawned on me that I’m being pushed away from focusing on the academic end of narrative and design theory and should, as result of successful animations and modelling, should return to my creative roots and assess how I can maintain my technical skills with my own interests.

Perhaps, finding THAT industry job that balances academic considerations such as analysis, interpretation and coordination would kill two birds with one stone – I’m able to fulfil my capabilities within an industrial position, at the same time I’ll be doing something that interests me.


– Continue to develop technical skills

– Branch into new territories previously overlooked/undiscovered

– Find an industry position I feel suits my needs/interests


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