WEEK 2: Management Plan

On placement, I found myself very vaguely using Trello as a means to upload screenshots of my work. Trello is a management tool for teams to coordinate in real time, and despite not having much of it before, after learning the interface, it’s going to prove vital to our project management.

For a long time, I was extremely keen to focus on my production coordination skills and develop a very keen sense of understanding in regards to management and organisation, so this project will allow me to really challenge myself given how in previous projects, I was let down by how much chaos ensues when a structure isn’t in place to facilitate production.

With Trello, I can set tasks, deadlines and keep our daily minutes up to date so that everyone has access at any time, especially with the app on everyone’s phone. This way, our individual tasks and weekly objectives aren’t just slapped onto a random board – here, we understand our tasks and can communicate with each other on how everyone is getting on and assist, critique and advise throughout the week.

Each morning, I keep a record of all our daily progress then look at the week ahead to see what we want to achieve in that time. Granted my biggest problem thus far is knowing how much time we need to dedicate to each task, so until we get into the heart of the production pipeline, it’s still very early to start getting on like a manager.



WEEK 11 – I thought I’d come back after several ways to look at what’s changed… A lot apparently. We actually ended up abandoning Trello because it seemed like a forced attempt at convenience when our hidden Facebook group did the job better. With Facebook, we were able to communicate in real time more efficiently and we uploaded files through a google drive, so we had quick access to our files when necessary. Sometimes the informal solution can be the best solution.

WEEK 15 – Well, actually, we did end up turning to Asana in the last week because we needed a cleaner form of storage. We uploaded our files onto Asana so people can get quicker access because files were easier to find. It’s not far of Trello, but the interface was easier to maneuver.



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