Week 5: House concepts

To help assist the house designs onto of Beth and Nathan’s excellent concepts, I realised that even though I’m limited from the drawing capacity, I could just pre-vis in 3D using Jess and Conann’s advice that finding form and shape is an old-school way to get an idea for design, and after doing so, it completely makes sense. This was all in response to our “lack of time for pre-vis” from the feedback recently.


I was really trying to pump them out fast because I was conscious of time and Conann said finding that flow and pumping out various designs in quick succession would help inspire my thinking as I go along. In fact, it did. By the time I got the end I was started to add advanced designs and starting think more specifically about the kind of house the character would live in and in accordance to the style/tone/narrative. In the last two I ended up distorting them using a twist deformer to push beyond our initial subtle realism. But it helped elevate my artistic process and I started thinking about interior a lot more.


I took one of Joe Daniel’s rigs Dan gave me after buying them, and I used it as a representation of the character. I went the extra step then to produce an interior concept that would help breathe narrative ideas within the house, such as the kitchen, which has notes, etc on it to indicate he has to leave reminders for him, and even the placement of the table with 4 chairs to show multiple people live or should live there.

What’s becoming clear is the humble nature of the house. It has to be warm and inviting and in some sense be somewhere the audience would like to live but clearly in the character’s world, it’s become strained. For the final design, we have to clear about what statement our house says, playing into my dad’s architecture theory.



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