WEEK 7: Final House and Analysis

In aligning my thinking of the house based on how it was inspired in the concept stage, each of us contributed to the artistic intent of house and our input inspired an eventual outcome that seemed to appear out of nowhere, but our reason for going for it was quite sound in fitting with our narrative and emotional ethos.

Nathan has produced a concept I jumped on to argue as the final idea to get production moving. Simply, it was a matter of time management as we couldn’t afford to waste much more time. But that’s not to say the house doesn’t fall into the narrative context.


This has a simple analytic explanation. The house looks like a older generation design. It’s for a family or retired couple, not a young youth… but that’s the point. This is a character looking to settle down and be mature, so the house acts as the statement my dad said architects need to consider. It’s the humble, intimate and pleasant look of the house that’s striking. It’s cosy and inviting but inside it’s become a manifestation of the character’s depressed state. So the visual contrast is striking and indeed alluring. Despite being black and white, there is something striking about the texture. The white’s are bright and attractive while the tiling represents a low-key aesethetic. The extension adds a sense of maturity by it’s dominate extrusion. In fact, there is an economic feel about it – it looks affordable but not in-expensive. If we are going on the character having a stable income, then this is a house that can be realistically mortgaged without it costing an arm and a leg. This is noticed is the subtle fragility of the design, which also echoes the state of the character, hence it feels significantly appropriate for speaking volumes about his personality.

It reminds me of the house from Pixar’s UP. In UP, the house is very vibrant and alive to reflect the love and companionship of the couples happy life. Like with my research on the home and presence, the house has a strong sense of personality and memory. It holds together the cherished relationship of the characters, and after the wife’s death, it becomes a manifestation of the husband’s grief. Something so beautiful thus becomes associated with tragedy, playing into how the house Nathan design implies the emotional disposition of the character.


It was that simple, and so from here I’ll be modelling the house and getting the dimensions, etc complete so that work can be commenced on the interior.


Doctor, P. (2009) Up. DVD. Burbank: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


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