Stylistic Inspiration for Memories and Stimulation

What is fundamentally clear about the project is that we want to invoke a very intellectually and emotionally stimulating visual style. With all the depth, we want to ensure when the audience look at the piece they’re stunned or curious about it and want to see it again. It how to look different in order to feel different – considering it’s about emotions, significant consideration has to be given to look development.

In this piece, it’s the sense of absence in the background that’s striking. We want to capture this sense of a memory space that fills only with necessary information. There is a projection of lush and vibrant colour that helps sell the peaceful and nostalgic quality within memories that we cherish. I believe this as a crucial aspect of our intellectual element – we want to capture how we remember the past and our trouble with recollection, but also to convey the disrupted flow of retelling a story and the stream of conscious delivery. Nothing feels artificial or pre-established but rather is conveyed organically.

For The Remainder from Omer Ben David on Vimeo.

I think this short film especially helps inspire this perception and visualization of memories. Like I said at the start – it’s about feeling and honesty – and this short film captures an intense sense of presence and mystery that really provokes the viewer on an emotional and intellectual level. It’s fascinating to watch purely on a visually stimulating level. We want the viewer to feel excited and intrigued whilst trying to make sense of it’s complexity underneath what is a very simple narrative. Our story is linear and it’s how we appropriately stylise it that will influence how the audience respond.


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