Readjusting Schedule

With our pre-production complete, to jump straight into production, I organised a weekly task arrangement we intend to stick to which will then be adjusted into necessary scrum tasks.

Building of our original schedule, we each have core departments to address issues that allow us to work in synergy. If an environment design is complete, then the next available person models it while other tests in look render and animation are complete in order to make necessary consideration for future obstacles that caused chaos last semester. Adhering to this shcedule means we should be on-track, but naturally this will inevitably build into a crush period as we get the assets build and blocked within the scene.

Important to note is that we blocking our the scene first so we understand our timing, so we are sticking to a strict timeline. That means we have a narrow field in which to keep the work consistent and relevant to the animatic. Each scene completed will then be rendered or playblasted and placed over the original animatic. Moving on, we will block the scenes out in 3D and place them in the animatic.


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