Animatic Adjustments

In the animatic above (Edit03), I made the necessary fixes to the audio. The issue was that the noise was either too high or you can hear the cuts, so I focused on using Garageband to seamlessly blend the audio fragments together and including the compressor and noise gate until I got a clearer and crisper outcome. HOWEVER, I did notice that despite being encouraged to remove the noise entirely… I actually works to the film’s artistic charm. The more compressed the audio becomes, the more artificial it starts to sound. With that natural condenser hiss coming through, it helps compound the authenticity of the interview. So as a result, I decided to take a risk and leave it in the film because it feels more sincere and also adds that ‘ambient noise’ that’s usually missing when there is no diegetic sound projecting. This way, the narration (being driving force) is consistent.

The other change that was made was at the ending, where we decided to go against the dog being in the basket and then to the door. Instead, we felt it was more appropriate to inject more charm and subtly into it by playing on an earlier section of the narration, where Attracta explains how excited Zara got when someone came to the door. As a result, we have the dog’s head pop up and naturally flow to the ending.

After our feedback session which was met with a more positive response at the end, the major adjustment that was necessary was the window’s transition. It seemed to be rather emotionally unfitting and instead, the idea of it fading out was more poignant to the moment. There was a criticism that it “wasn’t sad enough”, but we’ve chosen to reject that because it contradicts out ending intentions founded in our emotional graph.

There is a very subtle change to the very end with cutting to black. I chose to reduce it by 12 frames to make the ending feel more intentionally abrupt. The idea is the story is ‘in medias res’ ie. in the midst of things, to convey the idea that we’re already in the flow of the interview. This this makes sense in the opening being a gradual readjustment to the story as Attract says “Where were we?”. This then hearkens to the ending, where cutting before a new sentence implies a continuous. It plays with the narrative philosophically to portray life’s abruptness which is thematically relevant to the story.

The next major change to the animatic will be the introduction to a conclusion which we are going to let linger over time because we want to focus on production.


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