Auto-Rigging for Efficiency


I used Advanced Skeleton to create the rig which was purely out of efficiency and practicality. But I KNEW for a FACT, it would be a heavily flawed rig that I would need to fix so that’s why I had prepared for this in my schedule by providing 2 weeks of flexibility to fix problems. So it hasn’t held us back or caught us off guard because I had thoughtfully prepared for this from experience last semester.

The problems were simply:

  • Weight painting
  • Neck/head FK creation
  • Joint restructuring
  • Hierarchy restructuring
  • Ears and mouth (I had it noted I would need to build this regardless of auto-rigging)

That said, the auto-rig accommodated a week or twos worth of time saved given none of the team bar me knew how to rig. It has successfully attached the necessary body joints and controls.


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