Professional Advice for Press Networking

As I further progress in my publisher contacts and press access, I received an email from PR Manager Michael Hoss of Deck 13, who gave me advice on some professional etiquette that’s common among press/industry communications. He told me when contacting the publisher, I should email them directly via the public email that I have posted on my channel/website. The reason for this is authenticity and association. It explained that there is no harm in using a personal email, however, in order to ensure a professional communication, my contact should be via my publishing source (my channel).

Seems simple, but from this, I am effectively contacting all other companies via my professional email to keep within a specific industry guideline.



So taking that advice from Michael at Deck 13 regarding professional etiquette, I managed to get in touch with Luke Karmali, an Account Executive at Bastion, who was enthusiastic about providing me with future press releases, including an early copy of The Surge ahead of it’s launch for review!

So along with other persistent networking with Ubisoft and EA, I now have an open network with another major publisher. Luke further assisted me in gathering contacts by putting me through to open access for other independent studio releases, further increasing my journalistic reach.


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