Culture Hub Magazine

After some chasing with Scott Boldt from Culture Hub Magazine, I was able to get a phone interview and prepare a series of questions about the magazine and his role.

I asked him about the establishment of the magazine and he explained it was a pro bono based team from Anna Wherrett’s idea as technical director to focus on the market. Scott himself is an academic writer of education who manages the Peace Wall Programme whilst taking on his role as a journalist on the side.

His main advice to me was to approach production and exhibition personnel about obtaining press access to events. He explained that as their reputation grew, people started coming to them, but the best way to gain that attention would be to make first contact. Like with my own intentions, he told me to chase after local events and festivals for insight, but in regards to communication, he said it’s always worth being specific with what your reputation is ie. views, followers, etc. Effectively, make my emails more lucrative.

As a result, my next step is focus on Richard from the Belfast Film Festival and use that as a starting point.



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