Business Cards

I didn’t think I’d have to be too thoughtful about the look of my business card, in fact, I was very much against caring for it. But speaking with my dad and business partner, who receive a hefty amount of business cards from both students and potential clients, they gave me significant advice to accommodate the most appropriate card for my branding.

What was key says Charles was that it was “clean” and “not fussy. Don’t cram stuff just to be impressive, it has to cut to the chase”. I threw several drafts there way and finally, I can to a very conscious card I fit within my simplistic sophisticated branding style, but also strategically promoted my channel without implying any business intent.


I kept the image clean, consistent, focused on maintaining a typography that would grab a very model, yet simplistic feel that fit within my personal branding. I chose to avoid making Screen Smart appear as a business in case it implied that it was my ‘job’, but rather as my dad suggested: “it’s your long term project. It’s a conversation starter and gets people to know who you are”. Whilst a concept artist might put a demonstration of their work on the card, my demonstration as a media producer is fundamentally in the contents of the channel. It’s my cover letter and portfolio effectively.


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