Advanced Layout Planning


With our setup coming together, we had a very simple and clear system of layout and design. We are aiming our screens at an angle to the door (entrance) so that it immediately attracts the viewer as they enter the room. As a result, we want to spark and initiate interest in the same way we decided to outset and spread our work in the system of Walk Peregory to create a very dynamic and engaging layout that was consistent to the film’s themes and style.

On top of that, to ensure consistency, I took the teams bios and printed them in the same typography as the film and we set up our desk space in a very naturally flowing way. In other words, from the screen to the right was the space of that involve, then we placed our CV accordingly to consistency space our work.

Further on, for my layout, I have chosen to strip my work to being in charge of the final film being show along with the animatic and documentary interview. My intention is that my work is purely as the producer and manager of the project so “sacrificing” my space to facilitate an overall image of the film means that fundamentally, we go from art, animation to more intellectually stimulating aspects such as the research.

In that, I printed my dissertation on applying animation to documentary given that it was the driving force of starting the production, and also extends to an academic aspect of the project.


In our final setup, those distinct intentions demonstrated from our film are clear in the design. It’s dynamic, exciting and it does have a very visually alternative look. At the same time, the layout on the desks is coherent and readable to the viewer to understand the placement of each individual. It’s supposed to feel homey, inviting and quirky.



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