Editing Final Renders

I’ve been extremely strategic in regards to editing the film. Since I’ve been pushing the lack of compromise given to any portion of the film, we have a final render that’s effectively identical to the timing of the animatic. As a result, as a course of efficent time management, I’m employed Jess’ method from last semester of building layers upon the animatic instead of using it as reference. In effect, our timing is only ever off by several frames, which I have prepared for by having the animators have 5-10secs of ‘animated bleed’ so I had to the flexibility to adapt according to how the renders might look in accordance to the 2D animatic (there’s a very subtle but noticeable difference between the two processes).

I could explain my entire creative process for editing, but in reality, I’d rather have the final film speak for itself because my emotional and intellectual intentions from day have remained unchanged and translate coherently on-screen before me.


But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows built on by strong management. I had the images exported as tifs (considering I got screwed by pngs earlier when the rendered a mask background), in order to edit the transparency, but several images came out black. I was confused by this and after sparked memory, I simply grabbed all the frames and changed their composite mode to straight instead of black, thus removing the alpha mask that caused me stress in my initial full render test!

In terms of adjustments from the animatic, I had Jess send me a new typography for Pethood: Zara’s Story:

zara title.png

I wanted a new font for Zara’s Story to isolate the narrative and contain Pethood as a implied serial production that has multiple stories/episodes – ie. the alluding to something more than just a basic short documentary film. The typography Jess created I was adamant to use because it felt personal and raw in accordance to the story, and I took this further into the credits by creating line frames around family photos of Zara to have that intimate and realistic impression. I even slowed the fading of the final photo to end last to give a lasting impact to the viewer.

I’ve been awake 37hrs and have seen this movie 8 times, simply continually tweaking the smallest detailed frame to get the pace as perfect as possible.


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