Dog Movement Research

I have never researched reference into movement on a biological entity. Any rig I have ever created was purely for human characters, whereas for a dog, I didn’t have any understanding of their movement.

As a result, before I could effectively rig, I spend several days understanding dog movement to see where my challenges lay and how to best represent muscle movement and bone structure.

What was important to how my research would influence the rig was to isolate rigid elements of the dog such as the chest and legs in accordance to the flexible elements where the skin needs to deform. But that also meant for a Springer Spaniel especially, I didn’t to get the right scientific specifics that would ultimately be noticeable to animal enthusiasts.

In fact, I read the standard for Springer Spaniel health and physiology to firstly know where Jess and Katie were coming from in terms of design. Then from there I was making notes on reference videos and how they distinctly move:

With that, I want to keep on schedule and use these to my advantage to get the rig complete.



English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association (1994). The Standard for the English Springer. Available from:



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