FINAL YEAR: Major Project

PRESENTATION TWO (WEEK 6 – 06/03/2017)


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Research Demonstrated

Understanding Visual Culture of Sense & Recollection

The Impact of Sound Design

Artistic/Technical Challenges

Retopologising Dog

Building Conservatory  (also linked to Teamwork)

Animatic Adjustments


Readjusting Schedule

TEAM ASSESSMENT OF PRESENTATION TWO: Strong initiative from everyone. Each person is busy in their department helping to advice the project in a necessary and practical direction. Tyrone is discovering and solving animation, Jess is figuring out the art style, Nadine is developing the final environments and Katie is focused on achieving the final dog look. I have been tasked with supporting departments such as retopologising the dog and building 3D assets.

PRESENTATION ONE (WEEK 4 – 20/02/2017)


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Research Demonstrated

Tracking Shots

Art Direction

Artistic/Technical Ambition

Audio Edit/Emotion Graph

Animatic Development


Management Plan until 6th March

TEAM ASSESSMENT OF PRESENTATION ONE: Thus far, the team are in full undivided cooperation and delegation outlined in the teamwork post above. A smooth process with challenges being overcome as a collective unit and agreements and practical solutions being discovered to counteract future obstacles.

PROJECT PITCH (WEEK 2 – 06/02/2017)

Research Demonstrated

Interviewing Methodology

Expanding on Dissertation (also research potential)

Understanding The Market

Research Potential

Focus Testing (addresses challenge)

Memories and Psychology

Human/Animal Bonding

Artistic Ambition

“One Take” Cinematography

Stylistic Inspiration on Memories

Atmospheric Minimalism



Emotional Response

Foreseen Obstacles