Year One Animation

Click any of the modules below to be taken to each category in Year One Animation:

Creative Elements – My introduction to the world of animated production. It includes a look at my experimentation of concept art and illustration, my exploration of the animation pipeline and understanding the dynamic of group work.

Design Discourse One – My first taste of the theory behind animation. This includes my critical thinking and research into animation and storytelling such as the concepts behind the animation principles, the people that pioneered the industry, and some of the technicalities that come with it.

New Narratives – The dissection of narratives and storytelling. Going beyond aethetic and technology, this looks at the significance behind storytelling and how artists/storytellers develop their characters and world, while keeping in mind the perspective of the audience. I get introduced the world of MAYA and develop my first animated film.

Image & Data Visualisation – More individually focused, I put my research and skills to the test by showing my understanding of illustration, photography and data visualization. It handles the complexities of being given a task from a client and seeing what can become of it.


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