Theatre UV Textures

To demonstrate that I’ve overcome my UV issues and have befriended it’s time consuming significance, I’ve included my UV Textures that highlight my greater understanding of sewing and scaling.

Full textures can be found in submitted memory pen.

Note: In the risk of plagarism, please be aware that all textured modified within my own designs are within the public domain and hosted on

The following textures include:

RustPaint0196 (Texture: #37332)
Roads0094 (Texture: #46099)
FloorStreets0072 (Texture: #38225)
WoodRough0088 (Texture: #39499)
BricksSmallOld0079 (Texture: #66230)
BrickSmallPlaster0077 (Texture: #65714)
MetalPlatesPainted0055 (Texture: #45999)
Rust0139 (Texture: #31360)

DecalLeakingRusty0004 (Texture: #53349)
DecalBottom0001 (Texture: #57300)
DecalBottom0042 (Texture: #107931)
DecalsLeaking0156 (Texture: #52858)


bin handle TEXTURE bin lid TEXTURE bin sides TEXTURE doors TEXTURE footpath TEXTURE 2 footpath TEXTURE posters TEXTURE rust_bin_TEXTURE rust_ext_TEXTURE Rust_soft_TEXTURE sheets_texture theatre gold rim TEXTURE theatre name BUMP theatre sign TEXTURE theatre_TEXTURE theatre_uv3_BUMP Black theatre_window TEXTURE wood crate wrap TEXTURE wooden plank TEXTURE wooden_support_for_crate TEXTURE


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